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Tiny tools

Using PRA for systemic impact evaluation

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) has revolutionised development inquiry. It was then designed particularly for situational analysis. But PRA has huge potential for systemic impact evaluation. It enables people to share and compare their observations and explanations for what has changed and what contributed to this change. Evaluators get information about change. PRA also has strong tools to assess attribution.

The Tiny Tools concept focuses on those PRA tools that are lean and easy ("tiny"), including some tools that are not typically counted under PRA.

Such tools have been used in impact evaluation for a long time. An example is MAPP which uses four of the Tiny Tools. NGO-IDEAs collects such tools. Material is available under www.ngo-ideas.net/publications. These tools have been used in evaluation of NGOs, bilateral und multilateral cooperation.


  • Bernward Causemann
  • Eberhard Gohl


Pictures & Illustrations

Visual Facilitation Session B8
B. Causemann discussing with participants at his market stall