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Give it to the group!

Using process consultancy principles combined with facilitation techniques in the practice of systemic evaluation

Three methods that draw on process consultancy principles and facilitation techniques have been successfully applied in conducting systemic evaluations in a number of countries. I will present my experiences with a) multi-stakeholder engagement on the program theory of change, b) mixing theatre for development techniques for evaluation with other methods, and c) large group facilitation approaches for data analysis and recommendations. These tools were developed/adapted to apply underlying principles of process consultancy to systemic evaluation at three stages of evaluation-designing the evaluation framework and areas of inquiry, data collection, and data analysis and generation of recommendations. Examples illustrate that they have been able to promote reflection and discussion among stakeholders themselves on their programs at various stages during an evaluation, encourage a deeper and more nuanced co-examination of drivers of change, the depth and breadth of change), surface the relationships between various development actors that were involved in the changes and provoke discussion on how such change actually occurred. Overall, the paper demonstrates how the practice of systemic evaluations can do more than examine the "system" in which an intervention is taking place, and also needs to be conducted in such a way that the evaluation process, its findings, and the recommendations are integrated and internalized within that system.


  • Ritu Shroff


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