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Network evaluation

Evaluation of networks and inter-agency-cooperation

Due to the multi-dimensionality of societal change which cannot be realized by one institution alone, networks as well as inter-agency-cooperation are solutions to handle complexity. So far, there are no standardised tools in use for the evaluation of networks as a form of organising change in developing countries.

As part of newly developed guidelines we describe networks in six dimensions: Target System; Protagonists; Interaction; Management; Gains; Sustainability. For each of the dimensions a set of criteria has been defined. To allow a high level of aggregation, a weighting coefficient has been determined for each criterion.

Implementations of key elements of the guidelines are already under way. Presently is e.g. the evaluation of 14 networks of a GTZ-programme on entrepreneurship in Tunisia taking place. This evaluation will be completed in January 2011. Already by now the approach seems valuable in terms of usability, comparability of results and clarity in communication.


  • Jörg Longmuß
  • Uwe Neugebauer


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Participants at a market stall in Session B
Participants at a market stall in Session B