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Actors constellation for the use in theory-based evaluations

From logic models to socially embedded program theories. How systems constellations can support actor-centred evaluations

Today, it is widely agreed that in order to explain the effects of a program, not only the progress from intervention to result needs to be understood, but also the rationalities of the actors involved. With `actors constellation´ we created a tool to support more actor-centred program theories and evaluations. Based on family constellations, successfully transferred to OD and systemic consulting in the 1990ies, we adapted the method for the use at the beginning of program evaluations and tested it in four case studies. With "actors constellation" it is possible to take a close look at the actors in a learning oriented, theory-based evaluation, by considering the relevant inter linkages between the behaviour of the actors and the program results. The method does not focus on the single causal relationships but creates a view of the whole program as a system. It can rapidly give insight into formal and informal relations between program actors by providing an opportunity to reveal and to visualise the implicit knowledge of the persons responsible, thus serving as a heuristic instrument.


  • André Martinuzzi
  • Ursula Kopp


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U. Kopp giving her presentation